Shinmei Rice Bun Manufacturing Facility

Dec 23, 2021Developed Properties

Project Summary:
City of West Sacramento, CA

Potter-Taylor & Co and MacLaughlin and Company jointly developed Shinmei USA’s first rice bun manufacturing facility on American soil. The facility is a 28,000 square foot manufacturing building for the production and distribution of gluten-free rice buns. The building sits on six acres and is designed to accommodate up to 43,000 square feet. This specialty building features sloped reinforced concrete floors with an interior drainage system, heavy power of 2,000 amps intricately distributed throughout the building to accommodate various kinds of rice washing, cooking and freezing equipment as well as an automated interior conveying system. The facility features a -20 degree freezer for the storage and distribution of the product. The building is fitted with state of the art equipment to ensure food safety for distribution across the US and worldwide.

The developers assembled a multi-national, multi-cultural design and construction team to complete the project. The design team was led by Miyamoto Structural Engineering, Mike Okamoto of MOA Architects, Chris Schulze of TSD Engineering, Christian Paul of Glumac Designers and Engineers, Eric Curtis of Alston Construction, General Contractors as well as numerous other local and Japanese sub-contractors.

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